A Walk in the Woods

Right in the middle of all the summertime hustle-and-bustle in the Sea Pines Resort is an unbelievably secluded spot of peace and tranquility.

fp bench

Entrance to Sea Pines Forest Preserve

A deer quietly slipping from view.  A tiny lizard scurrying along the boardwalk.  Huge trees and untouched vegetation.  This is the Sea Pines Forest Preserve, 605 acres of undeveloped, preserved land.

fp boardwalk

Boardwalk through 18th Century Rice Field

“But what is there to do there?” the kids may ask.

Alligator & Wildlife Boat Tours – get a close-up view of the plants and wildlife, including native American Alligators!

fp alligators

Alligators and Turtles Sunbathing

Fishing & Wagon Tours – go on an eco-adventure, catch some catfish!

fp boat tour

Lake Joe in the Sea Pines Forest Preserve

Check out the history – we’re talking prehistoric!

fp shell ring sign

Footpath to 4000 yr old Indian Shell Ring

Trail Rides – Lawton Stables offers one-hour guided horseback rides!

fp horse

Easy Rider

Or just explore on foot – Pretend you are back in time, in an era before cars, exploring unspoiled forests just as the Spanish did…

fp dark path

The Forest Primeval

Whether you’re looking to engage with the environment, or just escape the madness, the Sea Pines Forest Preserve is waiting for you to arrive, explore, and discover.

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