Day Eighteen | Neighborhood Outreach!

On the Eighteenth day of our 20 Days of Giving Sherry T, Dottie and Brie stopped by the Neighborhood Outreach Connection’s after school program off of Cordillo Parkway.  The Beach Properties gals presented program director, Kaci Hollingsworth with a $150 gift card that will be used for their graduation ceremony. noc-logo2

Committed to eliminating poverty’s root causes, Neighborhood Outreach Connection (NOC) harnesses the energy of families, schools, libraries, health providers, and other non-profits to break the pattern of generational poverty, one neighborhood at a time. Students in the after school program spend 4 days per week, 1½ hours a day focused on homework and tutoring. Spread the word and get involved!

Outreach 4
Sherry T. , Kaci and Brie 

Outreach 1 Outreach 2 Outreach 3

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