LiveRez Partner Beach Properties of Hilton Head Expands into New Offices

What a nice post from our partners at LiveRez! We love our new offices-stop by and see us sometime 🙂

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LiveRez Partner Beach Properties of Hilton Head recently expanded into new offices. According to Sales and Marketing Manager Meg Park, the expansion comes as part of the company’s continued growth.

“As we grow as a company, our staff is growing,” Park said. “We wanted everyone to have their own office and be comfortable in their space.”

The new office space – which houses the company’s reservations, marketing, finance and administrative departments – is located at 64 Arrow Road, right across the courtyard from the company’s old office at 35 Bow Circle. Additionally, the company will keep a second office at 39 Bow Circle that houses their property management department.

The new 4,600 square foot office is roughly 40 percent bigger than their old office space and features updated technology throughout, like new VOIP phone lines and faster Internet.

“We are so excited to be in our new offices,” Park said. “The space…

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