Take a Gullah Heritage Trail Tour!

The Celebration of the 350th Anniversary of Captain William Hilton’s sighting of Hilton Head Island and the 30th Anniversary of the Founding of the Town of Hilton Head Island would not be complete without joining Gullah Heritage Trail Tours.

The Gullah people that live in South Carolina today are descendants of enslaved Africans brought over from Western Africa.  They are referred to as Geechee in Georgia.  Native Islanders is another term that refers to the Gullah and Geechee people.   Many of these people were skilled farmers and builders.  Plantation owners wanted people from this region of Africa to farm indigo, rice and cotton. The Gullah spoken language is written the way it sounds.

The Gullah Heritage Trail Tour will take you through neighborhoods that were established during the civil war, long before the bridge to the mainland was built.  The family that owns and operates this tour can trace their family’s heritage to the early 1800’s.  You will weave through hidden paths of the Island’s subtropical landscape while they tell you the stories and maybe you will be lucky enough to hear the song “Cum Out De Weederness” (Come out of the Wilderness). You can make reservations by calling 843/681-7066 or email tourinfo@gullaheritage.com.  Be sure to show them your Preferred Guest Discount Card to receive $5 off per person.

Start Planning Your Hilton Head Island Vacation Today!

gullah tours

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