Boiled Peanut Festival!

This Saturday, August 24th, Bluffton will be hosting the second annual Boiled Peanut Festival from 2:00-8:00!

A boiled peanut eating contest for all ages is scheduled for 4 p.m. The audience-judged boiled peanut cook-off, which will cost $5 for two votes, starts at 5:30 p.m.  Cook-off proceeds go to the overall winner’s charity of choice, a list of 26 nonprofit organizations has been compiled for the winner to choose from. The categories for this years cook-off are traditional and creative, the festival had a cajun/spicy category last year, but it has been merged with the creative category.  Last year’s cook-off featured about 30 contestants.  There will be live music and the “worlds largest peanut” will be on display!  Plenty of food, craft beers and kids activities to be featured throughout the day!

Start Planning Your Hilton Head Island Vacation Today!

Boiled Peanut Festival

Boiled Peanut Festival

Boiled Peanuts

Boiled Peanuts

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