Face Your Fears!

The first annual Face Your Fears mud run challenge will be held on February 23, 2013 at Palmetto Bluff.  The challenge is an extreme outdoor event designed to breakdown and push each person to their physical and mental thresholds. This challenge is not a race; however, to conquer the course the competitor must finish.  Choose from 3 courses created specifically for different strength and stamina levels:

Course “A“- The Valor Course will be 10 miles with 25 obstacles not including 2 mystery obstacles, the “Game Changers”.
Course “B”– The Courage Course, will be 3 miles with 16 obstacles.
Course “C”-The Seal Pups Course is designed for children, 13 years and younger. It is .25 miles long and does not have any obstacles.

Upon completing the challenge, each participant will receive a dogtag with the date of the event engraved on the tag! Call 843-304-2233 for more information.

Face Your Fears Course Map
Face Your Fears Course Map
Pipe Squeeze!
Pipe Squeeze!



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