Learn About Bald Eagles in the Lowcountry

Don’t miss this presentation on January 24th, 3:00 at the Coastal Discovery Museum. Tom Murphy, a retired biologist with the South Carolina Department of Natural Resources, will share his knowledge of Bald Eagles in the Lowcountry. Bald eagles mate for life. In South Carolina, eggs are laid in late December to early January, with their preference of nesting in pine trees. Male and female bald eagles take turns incubating the eggs that are laid in clutches of one to three. Eaglets hatch after approximately 35 days. In the spring and summer, juveniles and adults migrate north. Eagles banded in South Carolina have been reported to migrate as far north as Canada.  The cost for this presentation $7.00 per person (for ages 12 and older) Reservations are required and may be made by calling 843-689-6767.

***As a side note, our nature specialist, Karen was at the rookery in Shelter Cove this past weekend and spotted a Bald Eagle on a telephone pole there.  He was checking out the demolition of the Shelter Cove Mall, I wonder if there might be a nest nearby!  They have been known to frequent the heel of the island and Pinckney Island as well.

Eagle at Pinckney Island
Eagle at Pinckney Island
Eagle at Pinckney Island
Eagle at Pinckney Island

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