Are there 365 Things to Do on Hilton Head Island?

Today is the day!  It is the day we are launching our 365 Things to Do on Hilton Head blog posts.

Why, you ask, are we doing this?  That is simple . . we LOVE Hilton Head Island and are often surprised to find that there is always so much going on.  The question was asked in our office. . .is there a day when there is nothing to do on Hilton Head?

Our mission for this year is to post a single activity, event or must do item on Hilton Head each day.  While not every activity is to everyone’s liking we think we will come up with some new and different ways for you (whether you live here or are just visiting) to enjoy this Island that we LOVE!

Please subscribe to this blog and let us know if you have done any of the items we post.  Make suggestions of activities or events you think we should share with everyone.  While we are committing to one a day for a year I have a feeling we may be going into 2014.

Start Planning Your Hilton Head Island Vacation Today! 

Beach Properties of Hilton Head

2 thoughts on “Are there 365 Things to Do on Hilton Head Island?

  1. I would like to receive your blog through Facebook. Thank you. I visited Hilton Head recently and would like to learn more about the island.

    1. Good morning Shirley! Please let us know if there is anything in particular we might be able to help you with. So glad you love the island as much as we do! If you have “liked” us on Facebook you should be able to see the daily blog, if not please let me know. Thank you and have a great day!

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